The Red Guard


• Lord-Commander Superior
• Lord-Commander
• Lord-Marshal Militant
• Lord-Marshal
• Marshal
• Colonel
• Captain
• Major
• Lieutenant
• Sergeant
• Corporal
• Guardsman

The national army of the sovereign country of Valamar is a superior military force. It has been hundreds of years since their last international war, but the army serves as a standing defense against any internal conflict arising between the individual principalities of the country. Disagreements of this nature are rare, but certainly not unheard of.
Other purposes of the Red Guard include maintaining the trade routes and fighting off the all too common brigadiers who assault the coasts.

The Red Guard’s fleet is a potent force, and one of the primary reasons the country is rarely at odds with foreign powers.
Unlike the individual militias commanded by each principality, the Red Guard is under direct control of the crown. More specifically, beneath the Lord-Commander Superior – the greatest military mind of Valamar.

The Red Guard

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